Aerospace & Aviation

Sheet metal fabrication and CNC Machining are frequently used manufacturing services because of their versatility in making parts for a variety of industries. Aerospace and aviation applications in particular require expert metal fabrication. CNC Machining Hong Kong uses advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machining technology to manufacture precise products from a variety of materials. Our CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication capabilities allow us to meet the strict requirements and mission-critical demands of the aerospace and aviation industry.

Sheet Metal Fabrication in the Aerospace & Aviation Industry

Aerospace sheet metal fabrication must be exact because imperfections and inaccurate dimensions can result in early equipment failure or even fatalities. 

Aircraft sheet metal fabrication and repairs usually involve the following materials:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum alloy series 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx are the most common grades used for aerospace machined components. Aluminum has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which means they are strong while remaining lightweight—an important characteristic that reduces the load on aircraft.
  • Electrogalvanized steel: This type of steel has a uniform corrosion-resistant coating that enhances performance in harsh aerospace environments.
  • Stainless steel: The presence of chromium in stainless steel provides protection against corrosion and environmental factors. The material is also low-maintenance, workable, strong, and versatile.
  • Titanium: Titanium also has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. Its high strength and durability make it valuable for aerospace applications.

CNC Machining Hong Kong uses these materials to produce key aerospace components, such as:

  • Assembly rigs
  • Console panels
  • Electronic computer enclosures and housings
  • Heat shields

Aerospace metal fabrication orders can be tailored to create the perfect fit in terms of weight, size, or design for specific aerospace and aviation applications.

Aviation & Aerospace CNC Machining Capabilities

Aviation and aerospace operations require no-fail parts with tight tolerances. Each piece has to fit precisely, withstand high pressures, and be lightweight. Precision CNC machining can meet these strict quality standards and safeguard human life. 

At CNC Machining Hong Kong, our 5-axis CNC machines can create complex geometries and precise dimensions out of a variety of materials. Internal components we make for the aviation and aerospace industry include:

  • Bolts and screws
  • Hinges
  • Clamps
  • Assemblies
  • Brackets

Our aerospace precision machining capabilities ensure that your operations are safe and your equipment is reliable over the long term. Our CNC machining equipment can perform milling, drilling, boring, threading, tapping, broaching, profiling, and more. These operations allow us to produce increasingly complex components with designs that better serve their function. Specialized designs can be made to accommodate custom orders and difficult-to-find parts.

CNC Machining Quality for the Aviation & Aerospace Industry

More than almost any other industry, reliability and traceability are key to ensuring the safety and precise functioning of multi-billion dollar systems. To provide the necessary assurances, it is essential to maintain multiple quality-focused certifications as well as to continually invest in employee training and personal certification.

Aerospace & Aviation Services at CNC Machining Hong Kong

CNC Machining Hong Kong has been providing high-quality sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and finishing services since 1969. As a leading aerospace machining company, we are proud to serve the challenging needs of the aerospace and aviation industry with innovative, trustworthy solutions. We show our dedication to the critical quality requirements of the Aerospace industry through our ISO 9001 certification. Learn more about our sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining services, or request a quote to get started on your project.